The PRObe, HOOKITOOL and PMT-A7 branded Tactical Equipment Speed Tether have been discontinued.

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HANDCOP® Counter Escape Restraint HC705 vs Paracord 550, Kevlar Blue, Kevlar Yellow and Technora 205.

Watch the destruction test on YouTube

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If you already own ‘Three Inches’ the link and password to access the unlisted video clips is now available for £9.99 GBP.

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Just ‘Three Inches’

When it comes to escape from restraints, some of the ‘Hollywood’ methods do work with a little refinement. There is, however, a collection of unlisted YouTube video clips that demonstrate how it should be done…

3″ Update

Three Inches has been updated and now includes the LEECH X-RAY for access, carry and concealment options. The AHK3-rf has been installed with a stainless steel split-ring and relocated to the T200 Micro Friction Saw.


I know from research and development this version of ‘Survival Tin Lamp’ will run for 100+ days and it also works underwater. Shown here inside the mini version of the LEECH X-RAY.