It could be said that 10 years delivering restraint escape, counter kidnap, and hostage survival training has been good research for developing and designing a nylon restraint system to meet the demands of law enforcement, military, and government agencies worldwide.


FENDCUFF® is a precision engineered device for connecting two nylon restraints (cable/zip-ties) together in a variety of configurations that allow for easy concealment and the capability to carry many at a time.

There will be 2 types, rigid (shown above) and hinged (folds in half). Both types will work with the reusable key operated nylon restraints and any 9- 10mm disposable nylon restraint (cable/zip-tie).

Covert Carry

FENDCUFF® comes as standard with a rubber band that can be used to compress the nylon restraints for discreet pocket carry.


It started almost 10 years ago and the demand for advanced training and consultancy services is greater than ever…