Yes, you can be spied upon through the camera of your smartphone. There are several applications that can be found online that assist in spying on someone through their cell phone camera.

The LTX1 comes as standard with a natural rubber band. Simply stretch it over your smartphone to hold the LTX1 over the camera.


There is more to the LTX1 than meets the eye…

The primary function depends on your requirements. It is on the covert entry page of as it can be used for lock bypassing ‘carding’ a door; however, there are other technical uses…

The card is frosted allowing for you to place the card over printed text with the cut-out slot over the sensitive or private information. Using a black marker pen you then cover the text in black to redact the information from a document in preparation for publication. Ideally you should then photocopy the document and destroy the first copy to prevent recovery of the redacted text.

The LTX1 can also be used as a privacy screen for video calls on a mobile device. Simply place over the front camera to ‘blur’ your face/location. Light will still enter the sensor so the screen will remain on.

The LTX1 can also be used with Cavity Tray for The Ridge RFID Blocking Wallet, so you can easily load/unload the tray.

Audio Jammer

The Noise Audio Recorders Won’t Like…

Audio jammers are popular tools used during confidential meetings. They produce a unique sound for masking and protecting conversations from external listening devices, such as a smartphone running an audio recording app, hidden in one of your guests’ pocket.

The sound of a jammer should be very difficult to filter out or remove when present in an audio recording. While commercial audio jammers often rely on white noise, this generator, however, uses a more efficient sound with articulation similar to speech. It is also buried under severe distortion, which makes recovery algorithms have a hard time producing exploitable results.

For further privacy, increase the generator’s volume to play louder than your voice. Then, if you are holding a conversation in person, speak quietly, and very close to your partner so they hear you over the sound.

JAB-D (Micro)


When it comes to special products for covert carry and concealment smaller is often better!

The JAB-D (Micro) is an existing product, made smaller whilst retaining its original function.

It is just like the bigger brother but smaller…

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