Machined from a solid rod of engineering thermoplastic the 18650/CR123 Battery Locker has been precision engineered to provide the optimum internal dimensions for a wide range of 18650 and CR123 lithium batteries.

The lanyard attachment allows for tethering to prevent loss and aid extraction from a pouch or bag.

The unique anti-roll design of the flat cap allows for single-handed operation.

-Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 120°C)
-High strength
-Low friction
-Chemical resistant
-No hard edges
-100% non-metallic


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The wait is over…

Batch #1 of the PMT-A7 have arrived in the United States. Available now via www.sapgear.com

Batch #2 will be ready in 3 weeks. Available now for pre-order via www.oscardelta.co.uk.

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First batch of the PMT-A7 ready for dispatch…

These will be going out to a stockist in the United States.

Note: This will be the only batch to feature the text “TEST: POORMANS TABLE PMT-A7” on the Tactical Equipment Speed Tether (TEST). Subsequent batches will feature the text “POORMANS TABLET PMT-A7”.



PMT-A7 with Tactical Equipment Speed Tether (TEST) for attaching to a belt, MOLLE-PALS etc.

The design of the TEST allows for quick removal/installation without tools. Simply push down on the release catch to disengage from ratchet mechanism.



Almost ready…

The Poorman’s Tablet (PMT-A6) was originally developed in 2017 for Special Operations Forces to provide a safe, secure and sterile device for taking notes, recording information and sketching in adverse weather conditions, low light and hostile environments.

With a 5 more years of research and feedback from the end users I have subsequently developed the PMT-A7.

Made from advanced materials the PMT-A7 is now easier to clean with no ‘ghost writing’ effect. Highly waterproof, long lasting and it does not deteriorate after each use (remains matte) so will last for many years of service.

The PMT-A7 has a surface area of 74 x 105 millimetres. In inches, this is 2.913 x 4.134 inches. Supplied as a Double Stack you get the same surface area as the PMT-A6 (105 x 148 millimetres / 4.134 x 5.827 inches) but it will fit in most pockets and can be used with A7 notebooks to counter a Electrostatic Detection Device (EDD) such as the Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA).

EDD/ESDA uses applied charges and toner to visualise areas of indented writing, making them visible to the eye. Even documents that were shredded or burned may prove useful if reconstructed.

If you have to take a note on paper you can place the Poorman’s Tablet underneath to stop an indented impression on the other layers of paper. When you erase a note from the Poorman’s Tablet it is gone for good with no risk of leaving an indented impression that can be recovered at a later date. The Poorman’s Tablet ensures you are always working from a ‘clean slate’!

Available in 3 weeks via www.oscardelta.co.uk


The PRE-KIT is a minimalist alternative to the PLAN B+ that reduces the overall cost whilst maintaining the capabilities to deal with various restraints.


Audio Jammer

The Noise Audio Recorders Won’t Like…

Audio jammers are popular tools used during confidential meetings. They produce a unique sound for masking and protecting conversations from external listening devices, such as a smartphone running an audio recording app, hidden in one of your guests’ pocket.

The sound of a jammer should be very difficult to filter out or remove when present in an audio recording. While commercial audio jammers often rely on white noise, this generator, however, uses a more efficient sound with articulation similar to speech. It is also buried under severe distortion, which makes recovery algorithms have a hard time producing exploitable results.

For further privacy, increase the generator’s volume to play louder than your voice. Then, if you are holding a conversation in person, speak quietly, and very close to your partner so they hear you over the sound.

R&D – Soda Stash Cap

Using existing designs and common products this was an expedient R&D project to create a small stash carry and concealment device that could be 3D printed. The end user would supply and fit their own locally sourced soda cap to aid concealment (dead drop).