With the SPOOKKNOP installed, you have additional carry and concealment options for the Low-profile Escape Evasion Cache Hide (LEECH).

Shown here with THREE INCHES (GEN2), simply cut a length of cable/zip-tie to the width of the LEECH, trim the corners, place on top of some material, push through the LEECH buttonhole and tuck away!

T410 Micro Friction Saw

Upgrade your Three Inches (Gen2) with the T410 Micro Friction Saw and Ballistic-Striker-Bead®.

Technora® 410 is a diamond braided para-aramid cord with a protective UV coating that can cut through non-metallic materials (duct tape, cable/zip-ties, rope and cord). T410 has a tensile strength of 410 Lb (twice the strength of T205).

The primary function of the Ballistic-Striker-Bead® is to impact and destroy tempered glass using kinetic energy and force to aid rescue from a vehicle via the side or rear windows – https://www.ballistic-striker-bead.com/

T410 Micro Friction Saw With Ballistic-striker-bead® Hits – Etsy UK