Yes, you can be spied upon through the camera of your smartphone. There are several applications that can be found online that assist in spying on someone through their cell phone camera.

The LTX1 comes as standard with a natural rubber band. Simply stretch it over your smartphone to hold the LTX1 over the camera.


There is more to the LTX1 than meets the eye…

The primary function depends on your requirements. It is on the covert entry page of as it can be used for lock bypassing ‘carding’ a door; however, there are other technical uses…

The card is frosted allowing for you to place the card over printed text with the cut-out slot over the sensitive or private information. Using a black marker pen you then cover the text in black to redact the information from a document in preparation for publication. Ideally you should then photocopy the document and destroy the first copy to prevent recovery of the redacted text.

The LTX1 can also be used as a privacy screen for video calls on a mobile device. Simply place over the front camera to ‘blur’ your face/location. Light will still enter the sensor so the screen will remain on.

The LTX1 can also be used with Cavity Tray for The Ridge RFID Blocking Wallet, so you can easily load/unload the tray.


Almost gone!

Batch #1 and #2 PMT-A7 TYPE A almost depleted. Batch #3 PMT-A7 TYPE B due in 2- 3 weeks. Batch #4 PMT-A7 TYPE A due in 3 weeks.

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Take 2 handcuffs and 3 types of shims as shown in the above image.

Only 1 of the shims works on both of the handcuffs.

The other 2 shims are either too short or too wide to work on the handcuffs.

Do more> with <less…

Developed by Karl OscarDelta the Uber Gulag Shim is precision engineered in the UK. The length, width and thickness ensure it will work with a wider selection of handcuffs that would otherwise resist or fail to shim with other commercially available shims.

These include American UZI, British TCH, Czech ALFAproj, Polish KEL-MET, Russian BRS-2, Russian CROT and Spanish ALYCON.

The Uber Gulag Shim is 304 Full Hard Stainless Steel that differs from other forms of 304 in that it has been hard cold rolled to its full hard condition. This increases its fatigue life. In its full hard condition, type 304 stainless steel has a tensile strength of 185,000 PSI minimum, and a minimum yield strength of 140,000 PSI. So unlike spring steel the Uber Shim will not easily snap when bent so it is possible to reshape and straighten.

– Stainless Steel
– Rust Resistant
– Silent Operation

Tip: Do not force the shim as you will bend it! Always start shimming where the ratchet arm enters, there should be a small gap, insert the tip of the shim and at the same time slightly push in the ratchet arm to assist (push assist). Only do this if the shim is moving between the ratchet and pawls (teeth) otherwise you risk over-tightening the handcuffs. In the event that shimming does not work it is possible that the handcuffs are either double-locked or have security features to prevent shimming.

To develop your knowledge, skills and understanding read the handbooks Escape! and How to Open Handcuffs Without a Key.


Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own…

The Tag Gun is just one of many methods that can be used to carry and conceal small items, such as handcuff shims and keys.

Insert the needle into clothing and then insert the needle into the item. Pull the trigger and the tag barb will secure the item to clothing. Tag Guns are supplied with 500- 1500 tag barbs.

For metal items simply place near something metal, such as rivets, zippers and buttons to camouflage the item from metal detectors.


The Virtually Unbreakable Tube (VUT) is a limited production storage tube for small items.

Made from Polycarbonate, a temperature resistant, high impact resistant thermoplastic polymer that is approximately 250 times stronger than glass, hence why it’s often used for making police riot shields. Each VUT is machined by hand to provide a snake skin texture on the outside and M6 thread on the inside (can be used to open some Darby handcuffs).

Length 76mm (3 inches)
Outside Diameter 10mm (0.39 inches)
Inside Diameter 6mm (0.23 inches)
Simple Design
Silent Operation
100% non-metallic

The VUT is available as VUT ONLY or VUT SNAKEDR LOADOUT (AHK3-rf, Uber Gulag Shim, Optimised Hair-Grip, Nano Light-Stick).

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Better known as ‘Ranger Bands’ these are the real deal!

Parachute Rubber Bands are used on parachute suspension lines.

Type 1 (Black) has a breaking force of 45 lbs and Type 2 (Natural) has a breaking force of 50 lbs. Available in packs of 10 they can be used to hold gear together, such as mounting a flashlight to a gun barrel, keeping the lid on a tin survival kit firmly sealed and a source of waterproof fire tinder.

The Parachute Rubber Band Type 1 comes as standard with the PMT-A7.

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Machined from a solid rod of engineering thermoplastic the 18650/CR123 Battery Locker has been precision engineered to provide the optimum internal dimensions for a wide range of 18650 and CR123 lithium batteries.

The lanyard attachment allows for tethering to prevent loss and aid extraction from a pouch or bag.

The unique anti-roll design of the flat cap allows for single-handed operation.

-Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 120°C)
-High strength
-Low friction
-Chemical resistant
-No hard edges
-100% non-metallic

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