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The PRObe is a precision engineered instrument.

Made from one of the the highest performing materials in the world.

The PRObe is more than meets the eye….

• Very stable at extreme temperatures (-50°C to +250°C)
• Replaces stainless steel dry running
• Excellent dimensional stability
• High wear resistance
• Outstanding sliding properties
• Good electrical insulation properties
• Optimised balance of stiffness
• Excellent Chemical Resistance
• Good resistance to radiation (Gamma & X-Ray)
• Low flammability (self-extinguishing)
• High mechanical strength
• Food compliant
• Non-Metallic
• Non-Magnetic
• Devoid of all markings

The tip of the PRObe is not sharp, so it can be carried in a pocket without a sheath. Supplied with a vinyl end cap and shock-cord tether.