Fast Track Counter Custody Kit (FT-CCK4.5)

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This is the latest Fast Track Counter Custody Kit developed for individuals that are prone to capture.

With training, skills and knowledge the FT-CCK4.5 contains essential SERE Escape and Evasion tools for dealing with various methods of restraint and captivity.

For those unable to complete a courses with 4TAC5 the function of the tools are explained and demonstrated in the handbook Escape!


– Technora Escape Necklace installed with AHK3, Uber Gulag Shim 2.0, R Clip, Micro Light Stick and Micro Striker Bead
– Plan B 3.5 installed with the following…
– Uber Gulag Shim 2.0 + 120lb Stainless Steel Split Ring.
– SAD Tool 3.0
– T200 High Speed Friction Saw
– Micro Striker Bead installed on shock-cord waist IWB Strap 2.0
– 1 x 4hr green Micro Light Stick
– Just A Black Disc (NFC) housed inside the tethered end cap
– Darby Tube
– Optimised Hair-Grip
– Anhua Handcuff Escape Key 2.0 (tempered)
– Combination Padlock Bypass Tool
– Supplied in a PVC Mesh Zipper Case

Always have an escape plan…