Covert MK1

The Covert MK1 is here! 

Designed with comfort and utility at their core, the Covert MK1s are manufactured from high grade, wicking, flexible and fast drying sports fabric. 

They incorporate an inner panel specifically designed to ward off chaffing, and to stand up to the rigours of any mission. The outer thigh pockets are purpose built to hold passports, covert radios or other such items with ease and security. The inner pubic stash pocket is the most discrete secretion on the MK1s, whilst still allowing ease of access. Around the waistband there are 9 slots for small items such as handcuff keys, SD & sim cards, shims etc. These slots are designed with ease of access in mind, but utilise elastic tension and bodyform to keep items secure. 

Whether you are law enforcement, military, an EDC aficionado or security conscious, the Covert MK1 is configurable and suitable for all.