The Mission

Enhance the performance of a discreet and wearable rescue tool capable of destroying tempered glass.

From Concept > Production

The Ballistic-Striker-Bead® is a premium product manufactured to a high specification:

◇ No rough or sharp edges
○ Polished for a smooth finish
◇ Resistant to oxidation
♧ Non-slip texture to aid deployment

Hits Different

The primary function of the Ballistic-Striker-Bead® is to impact and destroy tempered glass using kinetic energy and force to aid rescue from a vehicle via the side or rear windows.

Trust the Science

The hardness of the Ballistic-Striker-Bead® (Hv30 1750) exceeds the core hardness of armour-piercing ammunition (Hv30 1450) , so you only need a small amount (1.2g) to deliver the ‘impact, energy and work’ to destroy tempered glass on the first strike!

Impact and Work

Work occurs when a force is applied to move an object a certain distance. Therefore, work is equal to force multiplied by distance:


Impact and Energy

Energy is defined as the ability to do work. During an impact, an object’s energy is converted into work. The energy of a moving object is called kinetic energy and is equal to one-half of the object’s mass times the square of its velocity:


Hits Different.

The Original Window Breaker GTFO Bracelet For Vehicle Escape & Rescue.

Available from 15MAR2024.