Karl OscarDelta is a former Police Officer and subject matter expert for governmental, diplomatic, law enforcement, intelligence and special operations personnel.

Since 2006 Karl has researched and developed fast track tools that are designed and to accelerate the progress of escape from restraints and captivity using methods which provides for more rapid results than usual. 

These special products are manufactured in the United Kingdom by OscarDelta SPD and are available via stockists worldwide.

Karl currently delivers advanced training and consultancy services worldwide for select clients that are prone to abduction, kidnap, restraint and detention, during conditions of armed conflict, civil unrest or operations other than war. These services are available via 4TAC5

Karl has also published the following books that are available via OscarDelta SPD and stockists worldwide:

• Counter Kidnap & Hostage Survival
• How to open handcuffs without a key
• Escape!

eBooks also available via Amazon – search ‘Karl OscarDelta’

The focus for 2021 is to extend the research, design and manufacturing service to select customers that require an existing product to be improved or replaced.

Using a process of reverse engineering and redesign many parts designed for law enforcement and military applications can often be improved using advanced materials that replace the standard metal parts with a non-metallic alternative. These new parts will significantly reduce the weight of the product without reducing its performance. In most cases the advanced product will outperform its metal counterpart.

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